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Founder Richard Wesselt has launched a solutions learning center geared toward providing millennials and young adults who are in college or the early stages of their careers with first steps to securing their future. Seminars are offered periodically to teach savings and protection as a bedrock to begin early adult life. Attendees will receive the building blocks on setting up safe, secure strategies to last for the rest of their lives.

The articles available in the Learning Center are provided strictly as a courtesy. Any materials that were not originally authored by us are made available with appropriate permission from the author/publisher. Access to these resources does not constitute an endorsement, approval or certification of the information, strategies, projections or opinions presented or published in these materials. We specifically make no representation as to, and disclaim any responsibility for their completeness, accuracy or applicability to your circumstances. Please consult with your own qualified legal, tax, accounting or other professional advisors regarding all personal finance issues and before implementing any strategies that may be presented in these resources. Any insurance product related guarantees referenced in these resources are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Sign up for a session below. Sessions are limited to 18-seats and are held at Wesselt Capital Group headquarters, 3441 Germantown Pike in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

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About Richard Wesselt, Founder of Wesselt Capital Group

With over 31 years of dedication to the insurance industry, Richard Wesselt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients plan for a future utilizing safe and secure strategies. As owner of the Wesselt Capital Group, Rich uses a relationship driven, individual-based approach to macro economic planning. Rich has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Wharton School.